Thursday, October 09, 2008

2007 Topps Heritage

I'm a sucker for the Heritage line. I hope it never goes away. Actually, maybe by the time they reach 1981 or 1982 they will start having to invent years and designs that never existed because things really started to slight towards the latter half of the 1980s for Topps. Of course, by then I will either not notice the rehash because my memory is completely shot or I won't care that I'm seeing a 2036 Topps Heritage design based on 1987 Topps which was loosely based on 196w Topps. I picked up two packs of the 2007 stuff on the cheap from a random eBay auction and I completely forgot what happened to the other pack. So here's the one that remained intact...

110 - Edgar Renteria (I still have fond memories of Edgar's Cardinal days even though my girlfriend has always called him "Bacteria".)
200 - Josh Fogg (I'm not so sure if the "Dragonslayer" nickname stuck with him as he moved on to the Reds)
281 - Chris Stewart RC (I don't know who this is and I'm too lazy to look.)

363 - Erik Bedard (This guy became the target of most Mariners fans' frustrations this year and I feel bad for him. Sure, he seems fragile, but there were many terrible personnel decisions made by the M's brass in the past several seasons that makes Bedard's issues seem fairly insignificant. Ooh, also, I like cardboard card backs.)

TN8 - Stan Musial / Travis Hafner Then & Now (A nice card, although it's sort of strange to see these two sharing a card. Interestingly enough, it was Richie Ashburn who led the NL in OBP in 1958 according to the back of the card, not Musial.)

457 - John Maine - (Maine's injury certainly didn't help the Mets' playoff situation down the stretch, but considering that they were counting on Pedro Martinez this season, well...)
188 - Dan Johnson

287 - Chris Carpenter (Speaking of when you should count on pitchers with injuries, here we have Chris Carpenter and his "90 percent chance" of being in the rotation next year. He joined Chris Duncan in an exclusive club of players with recent injuries that were deemed to be "unprecedented" in the annals of professional athletes. If that doesn't make my stomach churn, nothing will.)

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