Monday, October 13, 2008

2008 Upper Deck Legends Masterpieces Hockey

Apparently it's Thanksgiving in Canada (no, really!), so here's a Canadian thing I'm thankful for: Old Hockey Cards. I don't have an old hockey pack to open though so here's a pack of 2008 Legends Masterpieces. Apparently Upper Deck couldn't decide whether to do a legends set or a masterpieces set so the squooshed them together. It's like the Reese's peanut butter cup of Hockey cards. I recently bought a handful of packs, here's the best of the bunch.

21 Patrick Roy

Sweet looking card of St. Patrick. The backs of these cars look good too with a reddish wood grain sorta thing going on. A really cool thing that Upper deck did with these cards is they list the artist they commissioned for the painting on the back. Roy was done by Gardner. It would have been cooler had they listed the artist's first name too.

80 Mr. Hockey

Did someone trademark Gordie Howe's name so he couldn't use it any more? His Goudey card says Mr. Hockey too. He should be Mr. Pucky 'cause he sure does have a lot of them. The atrist here is R. Adair. At least I got an initial on this one.

Hockey Artifacts Advertisment

Don't be fooled by this card, it's an ad not an auto. Evgeni Malkin apparenty signes using his left foot. I got two of these in my 6 packs, why couldn't they put a few different players on each ad? Companies used to do that sort of thing back in the early 2000s before half a dozen manufacturers went kaputt.

CC-BN2 Bernie Nicholls Canvas Clippings

Yeah, a jersey! The blue swatch confused me a bit until I checked the back. This is from an Oilers jersey, not a Kings jersey. I'm cool with that, they were nice enough to tell me at least. Here's something else nifty I recently discovered. If you look up a player's stats on, you can click on a page that shows a list of their cards. That's pretty cool if you're a hockey collector!

49 Brian Leetch

The Ranger star is apprehensively holding a very dangerous looking trophy. That silver Leaf looks razor sharp. Be careful Brian! This one was painted by Ron Stark. The way things are going, I'll get the artist's middle name or social security number on the next card!

9 Richard Brodeur

Did you know there's another goalie named Brodeur? Well there is, and Richard's sweater is MUCH cooler than Martin's. This one was painted by Cash. Which Cash? Johnny Cash? Chinese cash? Cash Cab? How the heck am I supposed to Google this, Uppper Deck? If anyone knows who these artists are, please let me know in the comments.

Good stuff, this. I might try for a set if I don't go broke from Baseball Masterpieces.


Captain Canuck said...

Freakin' Sweeet Patrick Roy card! I have to buy these just to try and get this card now. Irony of the day...... I can't find these anywhere here. And I live in Calgary. You live in Georgia. Hmmmm......

madding said...

Those look a lot nicer than this year's baseball Masterpieces set, at least from what I've seen on a few blogs so far. And with players I've actually heard of...

shoeboxlegends said...

That Vancouver Canucks jersey is beautiful.