Tuesday, October 21, 2008

2008 UD Masterpieces blister pack

Ok, trying to get back into the groove with a pack of UD Masterpieces. This is one of those blister packs you find hanging up at Wal-Mart. A big chunk of plastic and enough cardboard for two more cards all so a 4 card retail pack with nothing much in it gains a tiny bit of protection from being pocketed or searched. Shoplifters, pack searchers and idiots who buy these wasteful packs (like me) - YOU are ruining our environment. I open this pack in disgust.

44 James Loney

got it.

25 Joe Morgan

I saw an old-school player and thought I got an SP. I was disappointed. I need the card but fire Joe anyway.

71 Ryan Howard Dark Greenish frame #35/75

Nice card, nice green frame, nice number. I don't even want to know the technical name of the color for this parallel so don't tell me. It's just plain green.

YSL4481 Rick Cerone

Rick played a couple of years for the Braves and I can't figure out for the life of me how he's a Yankee Legend. Did he hit a famous ground rule double or pull off a triple play or something? Nice photo of him wearing the Tools of Ignorance.

2 Justin Upton.

got it.

Mother Nature was raped with extra packaging for two doubles, two inserts and Joe Morgan. Don't worry though, this blog is carbon neutral. I just threw a box of 1987 Topps commons into the compost heap to offset the blister pack.


ManOfSteal said...

It's pretty sad that Rick Cerone can be considered a Yankees legend, yet Rickey Henderson is not! Of course, I prefer him with the A's, but he had some pretty good years with the Yanks as well.

Giffey Fan 247 said...

Iv'e been tring to figure this set out myself. I got two good cards I think? A blue framed Tom seaver # 42/125 and a green framed hanley Ramirez # 9/75 I can't find them in the beckett or the tuff stuff + the normal Fukudme rookie and most of the hot rookies a yogi berra wade bogs mattingly ETC.. are these worth anything or is this set a bust?