Saturday, October 18, 2008

2007 Goudey

I got a pack of '07 Goudey from one of those Fairfield guaranteed hits packs that Dinged Corners showed off not too long ago. Opening this pack made me realize that in the span of a year, so much can change. And while I'm not going to burst into the "525,600 Minutes" song, I'll try to put all of these changes in perspective for you by explaining what's different.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
4 Adam Dunn (No longer a Red.)

88 Robinson Cano (No longer wearing a uniform that is guaranteed to make the playoffs.)
173 Paul Konerko (Pretty much nothing's changed. But perhaps he should look into volunteer firefighting... That forest in the background looks to be ablaze, perhaps a chemical fire that's the fault of the factory not too far down the road. Call the American Forestry Association! Call the Sierra Club! Call Pheasants Forever!!! Sound the alarm!)

249 Johnny Bench Heads Up SP (Ummm, no longer hawks spray paint? Sorry, I'm reaching here.)

58 Jeremy Bonderman (No longer a double-digit winning pitcher, due to injury.)

79 Miguel Cabrera (No longer a Marlin.)
101 Alex Rodriguez (No longer married. Ohhhh..snap. Was that one too personal?)

125 Jonathan Papelbon (No longer constipated; cleared out at conclusion of 2007 WS Game 4.)

Yes, lots of changes indeed.

Any of these are available for trade. I'm guessing someone out there needs the Bench to complete a set. Get in touch with me at Thorzul Will Rule.


--David said...

Interesting that A-Rod's ring finger is just off the card... LOL

Billy Suter said...

Here's another one for Papelbon:

No longer in the playoffs.