Friday, October 10, 2008

2008 Upper Deck First Edition Update

I almost opted not to buy this pack. Why not? Because I had just picked up three other packs of UD baseball cards. The Topps selection was puny, and I was not about to drop $19.95 on a Tri-Star 16-pack box of junk. So, I saved myself about $19 about this instead... Besides, I love me some borderless baseball cards!

Brian Roberts (Orioles), Johnny Cueto (Reds), Jose Guillen (Royals). Is it just me, or does the last name "Guillen" always conjure up hopes of baseball greatness? Okay, so it's just me then?

In one of the stranger collations, the next cards are all horizontally-based... Justin Upton (Diamondbacks), Johan Santana (Mets), Rich Harden (Athletics). I like the Upton card! That's going into my next box of stuff for the girls over at Dinged Corners for sure!

David Murphy (Rangers), Craig Monroe (Twins), Pedro Martinez (Mets), and Jeff Francoeur (Braves). Francoeur gets the StarQuest nod in the pack. It's shiny and green and purple... Well, I guess when I put it that way, it's like Barney wrapped in foil... (shivers)


Matthais said...

That's a large portion of star cards. How many cards are in the set?

Chris Harris said...

There's only 200 cards in the UD1EU set.