Thursday, October 30, 2008

APADTV Extra: Halloween Extravaganza - 1988 Topps Football

When I think of Halloween, two things come immediately to mind: silly costumes and 1988 Topps Football cello packs. Therefore, it is my great pleasure to bring you a little of both. On a side note, I usually record my videos in one long take... But not this one. With that being said, I figured why not take some of the "unused" footage and throw it together at the end?

Let me know what you think!


William said...


Joe S. said...

Man, I used to love getting a sneak peak at the top and bottom cards on packs. I could guarantee a 'good' player!! But better than the cello packs were early 90s score, where you could sorta see through the wrapper... a dollar store near where I used to live carried them, and I'd spend forever pressing the wrap tightly against the card, trying to find someone good. If only I could've seen into the future and realized that this was NOT worth the effort for 91 Score. Oh well, keep bringing the memories!! The site is a blast!

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

i like the blopper reel at the end u should do that from now on =)