Tuesday, October 28, 2008

2006 Upper Deck Series Two

Okay, we could all use a time-passer as the World Series has been hijacked by the weather gods. As I drove home Sunday after a Saturday night Halloween party (never drink and drive, kids), I was dispatched to Wal-Mart by my sister to pick up some elastic she needed for her homemade gypsy costume. Sheesh. Might as well pick up a "3+ packs" for $5 Legends repack. Here's the first pack, 2006 Upper Deck. All I have from this set is a handful of Orioles, so let's give it a peek.

905 Chris Britton RC - An Oriole right off the bat! The delightfully doughy Britton had a decent year in relief, then was traded to the Yankees for Jaret Wright. Lovely.
Chris Britton by you.

983 Boone Logan RC - They're not booing you, they're saying BOOO-ooone.

584 Eduardo Perez - Mushmouthed-yet-harmless Baseball Tonight team member.

528 Corey Patterson - Another Oriole! One of the few baseballers who managed to be less horrible in Baltimore than he's been elsewhere.

653 Jason Bulger RC - Three rookies in one pack, eh? Never heard of him, apparently an Angels reliever. Maybe he's related to Ray Bulger.

677 Sandy Alomar - I didn't have any cards of Old Man Sandy with the Dodgers. Nice Spring Training photo with the players just chillin' behind home plate.

Sandy Alomar, Jr. by you.

PBDJ-4 Play Ball! with Jeter contest card "E" - If you spelled "J-E-T-E-R" you would win Great Prizes. The prizes ranged from a private clinic with Derek Jeter to...screensavers. Seriously.

827 Shawn Camp - Ah, the halcyon days of the Devil Rays.


Slette said...

Any chance you'd want to trade off that Jeter "E" card? I know the contest is over, but I'm still trying to spell his name out.

Kevin said...

Eric, sure! I've got a few other Yankees set aside for you, if you want to trade again.