Thursday, October 09, 2008

Hockey Week - 2006-07 Bee Hive and Fairfield Rookie Bonus Pack

I missed a day earlier this week so I'll combine the Bee Hive pack and the bonus rookie card in one post for the opening night (American version) for the NHL. I ripped a pack of Bee Hive last year and liked it. I regret now not buying the blaster when I had the chance. I got a second pack of it in this box, let's take a look.

47 Saku Koivu
124 David Booth Bee Hive Rookies
100 Jean-Sebastien Giguere
31 Jason Spezza

Another rookie card, nice. That's two-for-two for me in Bee Hive. I got my second (or maybe third?) Giguere card which is annoying because I keep misspelling his name. Koivu's good... Spezza's good... my favorite part of these cards though is the back. They are cluttered, they have a lot of wasted space and the faux-retro is really cheesy. But they use something like ten different fonts on the backs! It's like a kid first figuring out the Font function in Microsoft Word and trying to use every font they can find. I'm surprised UD didn't use Wing Dings on the card. Could you imagine sorting a set where Wing Dings was used for the card number? In honor of these epic backs, I'm going to post a few "Did You Know? factoids from them.

Spezza: Bobby Carpenter was the first American-born player to post 50 goals in a season (1984-85).

Koivu: Koivu began the 2006-07 season as has seventh straight as the Canadiens captain.

Giguere: Bernie Parent of the Flyers and Tony Esposito of the Blackhawks tied for the Vezina Trophy in '74.

Booth: The Michigan State alum notched a team-best five shots on net for the Panthers in an 11/24/06 contest with the Senators.

Ok, we've ripped five packs and not done too badly. Now, here's the pièce de résistance: the One Rookie Card.

Woohoo. a plain white envelope. That is surprisingly see-through when you scan it. No other protection banging around in there with all those packs. Let's open it:

1990 Bowman #7 Eddie Belfour!!!

SWEET! My favorite goalie! His rookie card! ONE I DIDN'T HAVE! I was expecting some random prospect card from the past couple of years but Fairfield dropped the Eagle on me! Great ending to the box. Here's an example of why I love Eddie:

Complete thievery of Sergei Federov right there with a glove that would make Brooks Robinson proud.


--David said...

Holy crap! Eddie Belfour rookie card! That is sweet! I loved watching him tend goal for the Stars. Nice pull!

thehamiltonian said...

That Belfour is a billion dollar card, right there...

I loved him when he was with the Leafs, no doubt.

The Duckman Says said...

Eddie beats his Boyfriend

kevincrumbs said...

I saw the same Fairfield pack at Target and was really wondering what type of rookie card they put in there/ While the Belfour isn't worth anything, per se, I agree that it's way better than some overhyped guy who's stuck playing for Moose Jaw or something.