Friday, October 24, 2008

2008-09 Topps Treasury Basketball

This is that stuff that Topps has to bribe collectors into buying. I laughed it off at first, then I saw Larry Bird on the pack. C'mon guys, it's Larry Bird. He looks like he's on the five dollar bill! Larry should be on the five dollar bill instead of that other guy. Abe may be tall, but HE AIN'T GOT GAME. I open this pack for America, Freedom, Victory, Apple Pie and Three Pointers. And money. LOTS AND LOTS OF MONEY. Mostly for the money. It's the American way!

47 Andrei Kirilenko
30 Allen Iverson
69 Ryan Gomes
53 Al Jefferson
95 Bill Russell Chrome Refractor #430/999

So the cards are sort of greenish and vaguely look like the etching designs on currency. The cards also have sort of a cheap feel to them. No gloss, no foil (which isn't necessarily bad) and the card stock reminds me of an unglossy Topps base set. It's ok, it just reminds me of a low-end product and not a five cards for three bucks kind of thing. One that is basically marketed as being like MONEY.The backs have the scrolly high class money motif going on too, but instead of Stats you have "Money Skills" and "Money Splits". Money Skills are pretty straightforward, they talk about they guy's style of play. I bet you didn't know Ryan Gomes had an "outsized heart" did you? I bet you didn't know who the heck Ryan Gomes was, did you? The splits are a little different, they show the player's field goal percentage and points per game while at home or on the road, vs. the division and conference and in wins and losses. Three pint percentage is one of the categories so if you're Al Jefferson and have never taken a three in your life, you get a row of .000s.

I got one chrome refractor card of Bill Russell in this pack. The base cards look cheap, but these look FANTASTIC. The fact that it's Bill freaking Russell may be swaying my opinion though. I looked on the back and discovered that the Hawks originally drafted him 3rd overall in the 1956 draft. I then wept for 36 straight hours. According to the odds on the wrapper a Bronze refractor is 1:5 packs. I'm guessing this is a bronze, there's no indication of what it is on the card. Another interesting thing is that Rip cards are 1:32 packs. That seems awfully low odds, I guess Topps is going all out with the bribery angle. those must be really easy for the cherrypickers to find as the rest of the cards are really thin. As for the rest of the cards, I got AI, two Wolves and a Russian goon. I mean goon as a compliment by the way, I patterned my entire game on aggravated goonery. As for what I think of Treasury, well, the Refractors are amazing, the base cards are meh and it would be interesting to open a rip card if one could ever be found. If you actually like hoops cards, there's got to be better stuff out there.

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Anonymous said...

I bought 7 retail boxes I think 8 packs in each of these and thought they were alright this is the first basketball card I'v bought in years any way I ended up with two RIP cards opened them cuz they were crap and ended up with these two mini's jerry west me-jw 194/278 andjoe johnson me-jj 03/99 not sure if these are good? 4 relics Kobe/yao ming/thadduus young/al horford ? not sure I guess the Kobe os good lots of parellels low numbers malone 162/199 2 danillo Gallinari 22/50 an 438/2008. tony parker 893/999 anthony randolph 80/2008. 106/999! Oden. andre iguodala 296/999 brad miller 29/199 rashad mcCants 696/999. jamal crawford 343/999. OJ Mayo 1357/2008 I have no clue about this set is I'm not sure if I did any good or not seems to easy? any input would help.... Thanks