Saturday, October 25, 2008

2008 Topps Chrome

Last season's guilty pleasure was Topps '52 Rookies, and this year's is Da Crome. After buying zero packs of Topps' base set, I just can't resist the Chrome version. What I'm sharing today is a stand-alone retail pack.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
176 Milton Bradley (Milton needs a middle name, one that detracts from his hothead nature. If he were a Milton Bradey game, what game would he be? My vote goes to Guess Who?, the game that teaches deductive reasoning and introduces the concept of "facial hair" to children. It's not because Milton looks like any of the characters, but because of his journeyman status. With a career going back to 2000, Bradley has played for six different teams, none of whom he played for for more than three seasons. The off-season and the trading deadline often create the question, "Guess who Milton will be playing for tomorrow?" He's clearly not badass enough to be called Milton "Fireball Island" Bradley.)

C135 Lance Brodaway Heritage Chrome (0264/1959) (These are fun to get, and this is the first Rookie Stars cards I've gotten.)

8 Jimmy Rollins Bue Refractor (See, these packs are fun. You get something different in every pack. So far, J-Roll is 0-10 in the first two games of the World Series. That can't last for too long, can it?)

169 Aaron Rowand (Here's a guy who was a Philly but chose to sign with San Francisco this past winter. Them's the breaks.)

Don't think that we're done, folks. I also picked up a blaster of this stuff last night. Topps sees fit to give consumers a BONUS PACK. I feel compelled to show the crapitude within.

Let's tear in. (God, I hope there's a Pop Tart inside. Mmmmmm, Strawberry.)

Top to Bottom:
TCCP20 Dan Haren
TCCP20 Dan Haren (Refractor)


Yes, I realize these are slightly different cards, but come on! I picked up a blaster of this stuff during the summer, and these were the two cards I pulled then:
TCCP30 Andrew Miler
TCCP20 Dan Haren

The numbering Topps used for this subset is very telling. Change one letter, and you've got CCCP. I have to double-check that I haven't been transported back to Stalinist Russia. I'm sure the odds per pack would have been different back then: "X-Fractor 0:3 (Detrimental to the State); Blue Refractor 0:38 (Must be red); Autograph Rookie Base Red Refractor 0:10,000 (Elevates the individual above the group); Listen, comrade, everyone get same card; one pack, one card, all same, all happy!"

In Mother Russia, pack opens YOU!

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Scott C. said...

I love the chromes too! (Just call me JC.) My experience with the bonus packs is that you get two sequentially numbered cards (ie. #11 & 12). I've never seen the refractor and regular in the same pack though. Guess you just got lucky!