Sunday, October 05, 2008

1981 Fleer Baseball "All-Star Challenge"

The rules are simple.

Two wax packs of '81 Fleer baseball contain a total of 34 cards. Can you put together a team of All-Star players from those cards? And, most importantly, how would Home Shopping Network legend Don West announce the outcome?

I must admit that this is the second video I shot featuring the '81 Fleer All-Star Challenge. The first challenge video inherited a pretty shoddy roster of players, and may or may not be posted on APAD at a later date. Maybe I'll post it for those of you who enjoy blog videos that are roughly the equivalent of watching paint dry.

Here we go!


Chris Harris said...

About the only thing missing from your Don West impersonation was Ken Goldin on the speaker phone.

OBTW, Jeff Burroughs and Burt Hooton were All-Stars; but curiously, Kirk Gibson never was.

Gamblers Fan said...

Ahhhhh.... Ken Goldin!

You're absolutely right about Burroughs and Hooton. Unfortunately, the two packs weren't playing along with my little game and it was DOA!

Chris Harris said...

You need Kenny on speaker phone, and about five Jack-and-Cokes.

Billy Suter said...
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