Tuesday, October 28, 2008

1990 Bowman Baseball

Long before there was BowChro...long before there was Bowman's Best...long before there was the great Bowman sets of '92,'93,'94 and '95...there was 1990 Bowman baseball. Probably the least desirable of all the Bowman issues. At least in '89 Topps tried the make the cards look like old vintage Bowman. But the next year they basically gave up and made them look like any crappy cheap card you might find in the nineties. Overproduced and featuring poor printing quality, this set still had a few decent rookies like Big Frank, Sosa and Juan Gone. Upon opening the pack we find a badly shattered piece of gum. Onto the cards...

To watch a video of this pack break click here.

142 - Todd Hundley
I remember when Hundley was a big time prospect. Whatever happened to him?

414 - Greg Gagne
Front is badly printed off-register as are most of the cards in this pack.

283 - Kirk McCaskill

498 - Gary Pettis
I forgot he played for the Rangers once.

290 - Gary DiSarcina

510 - John Olerud
I remember when his cards were worth something.

494 - Scott Coolbaugh
This pack is like a who's who of early nineties rookie flame outs. Kinda funny actually.

Robin Yount Bowman sweepstakes giveaway card.
This is actually a nice looking card. Kinda reminds me of UD Goudey.

440 - Kevin Maas

319 - Scott Fletcher
Nice shot of the old Comiskey in the background.

517 - Luis Sojo

27 - Greg Maddux
Finally a half way decent card.

469 - Erik Hanson
18-9 for the '90 Mariners and 15-5 for the '95 Red Sox.

44 - Danny Jackson
Started a game for the Pirates in the '92 NLCS.

509 - Jimmy Key

Nothing happening pack but it brought back some fun memories of when I collected these as a kid.


William said...

Luis Luis Luis Luis Sojo

madding said...

I would have given you a dollar for the Kevin Maas card back in the day. You could have turned around and bought two more packs for that.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

those were the days

Captain Canuck said...

nice. Maddux and a pile of Blue Jays.