Thursday, October 23, 2008

2005 Skybox Autographics

I got a pack of 2005 Skybox Autographics from an incredibly dusty Fairfield repack box sitting on a shelf at Target this past weekend. The particular Target that I have been going to lately just underwent a remodel, and it seems like they unearthed some stuff for their trading cards section that had been hiding in a backroom somewhere for awhile. This unnecessarily large box contained 4 packs that were permanently glued some cardboard for display purposes, plus a flimsy cardboard box containing 100 random cards and a "surprise". I'll probably end up giving away the "surprise" at some point. The main reason I bought the box was because of a 2006 Bowman Heritage pack on one of the panels. I'm a sucker for anything Heritage.

Here is one of the non-Heritage packs:

13 - Sammy Sosa (I'd already forgotten that Sosa was an Oriole. If I was loony enough to be a Baltimore fan, I'd probably cringe at the sight of this.)

8 - Melvin Mora (A much more respectable Oriole card to get. The facsimile autos look like what you would get if you had a player sign with one of those silver metallic pens that were always popular with kids when I was in middle school. I know I mention this way too often, but I find it hard to get behind sets where players are cropped out of their natural backgrounds. "High end" wasn't meant for me, I guess.)

22 - Carlos Guillen (Even Carlos Guillen is pretty unenthusiastic about this pack.)
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19 - Travis Hafner (At least Travis is happy.)

42 - Eric Chavez (There's plenty of dead space on the backs of these cards. It's not like the backs are going to be autographed.)

I'll post the results of two of the other three packs here at a later time. There was also a 2007 Upper Deck 5-card pack that was not worth mentioning at all.


Kevin said...

As someone who is loony enough to be an O's fan, I laugh at Sammy Sosa. It might be a defense mechanism, but hell, the guy's a joke at this point anyway. No sense in getting worked up over someone that phony.

night owl said...

I'm right with you on players being cropped out of their backgrounds. I'm even (shoulder shrug) about '58 Topps because of that. (Although the red backgrounds rock).

dayf said...

Forget the '58 red backgrounds, the black backgrounds are the best. Anyone who disagrees gets a pink background on their '58 card.