Wednesday, October 08, 2008

2008 UD A Piece of History Re-Pack

Last night I posted a pack from a 50-cent bin at a local card shop. In the same bin I found this poly-bag that I couldn't resist. While there wasn't much for me to like about the one pack of A Piece of History I bought this summer, I was intrigued by the Historical Moments subset. This repack (the result of a dealer going through a box looking for all of the "hits" and then dumping the rest as if it were garbage) had HM cards on the front and back. Maybe there are players inside, but maybe it's just all non-sport cards.

With the election looming, I thought it might be fun to see how the candidates have been affected by each historical development. I will judge whether Obama or McCain benefitted more from the depiction on each card, with the winner earning a point. The winner of this showdown in turn must win the election. That's right, you can treat this as official canon of U.S. politics. "Is you is, o' is you ain't my constitch'ncy?!"

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
166 Cotton Gin
I'm sure McCain's ancestors got the sweeter end of this deal than Obama's. +1 McCain.
McCain 1 Obama 0

195 The Supreme Court
This judicial body gave Bush II the election in 2000. Without Bush, Obama's platform message of "change" never registers. +1 Obama.
McCain 1 Obama 1

153 Declaration of Independence
John McCain fought for the rights of the 13 colonies with the best of them. You gotta go with the man about to celebrate his 252nd birthday. +1 McCain.
McCain 2 Obama 1

152 Wright Brothers
Barack Obama appears to possess the upper body strength necessary to complete the "hold on for dear life" variety of early flight, but this event set the precedent for McCain's years and years spent in first class. Split point.
McCain 2.5 Obama 1.5

196 Lewis and Clark
Obama's Illinois was already settled, so this card appears to give the edge to McCain through the eventual exploration of home state Arizona. Yet, we must not hasten to forget Obama's Hawaiian roots, which might not have been possible had the Pacific coast not been reached. +1 Obama.
McCain 2.5 Obama 2.5

168 Suez Canal Opens
I've always found it odd how so much of the world's history has been made in pursuit of spices. Did this trade route to Asia enable the expeditious attainment of spices for the lower 48? Hell if I know, but if it did, I think we need to look at the man who appears to be able to handle his spicy curry as if it were Constant Comment tea. McCain looks like he goes with "mild" when he's hungry for chips and salsa, and Obama looks like he's sampled from several levels of the Scoville Scale. Edge and point Obama.
McCain 2.5 Obama 3.5

190 Steam Engine
Equal amounts of hot air are expelled by each man. Harnessing this steam would solve the energy crisis. Split point.
McCain 3 Obama 4

165 Woodstock
Let's see what each man was doing during the 3 Days of Peace, Love , and Music. John McCain was getting his arms broken every other day in a POW camp. Obama was 8 years old, assembling Tinkertoys on his grandmother's living room floor while rocking out to Country Joe and the Fish. +1 Obama.
McCain 3 Obama 5

179 Civil Rights Act
Obama, no contest.
McCain 3 Obama 6

Last card, 182 Creation of the Internet

No points awarded to either 2008 candidate. One full point goes to Al Gore, for obvious reasons.

Final Score: Barack Obama 6, John McCain 3
I tried to be as objective as possible with this and just report what each card spoke to me. I hope you enjoyed this and that you make in informed choice on November 4. Unless, of course, you don't happen to live in a battleground state, in which case your vote doesn't matter. Sorry.

Another repack pack will soon be posted at Thorzul Will Rule.

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The Duckman Says said...

Obama Should have won the internet one for McCain's lack of use of the internet.