Thursday, October 09, 2008

2008 Topps Baseball Series 2

Picked up another 22-card pack of 2008 Topps baseball series 2 today. Let's see what we get. First, we get a stick of gum in it's own section of the pack with it's own wrapper and cardboard backing. Good grief, back in the day even the cards didn't used to get that nice of a treatment. Oh well, that's progress I guess. Yeah I know, wax stains. Onto the cards.

544 - Chad Gaudin
Pitcher from the A's. Never heard of him but he tied for the AL lead in starts with 34 last year. Interesting.

392 - Joey Gathright

507 - Mark DeRosa

462 - Freddy Garcia
Now we're talkin. First Buc I've pulled for this set.

472 - Shaun Marcum

475 - Adrian Gonzalez
Powerhouse of the Padres.

478 - Geovany Soto
Good young catcher for the Cubs.

489 - Joakim Soria

621 - Denard Span RC

349 - Mike Mussina
I think he should be in the Hall someday.

558 - John Russell
Sweet! Pirates manager.

566- Kevin Millwood

432 - Jason Kendall
Longtime Bucco backstop. I was glad to see him finally make the postseason with the Brewers.

593 - Randy Wells RC

612 - Kelly Johnson

638 - Juan Pierre
Looking at the back of his card I noticed that Pierre has managed to either tie for the lead or lead the NL in games played 5 times, at bats 3 times, hits twice, stolen bases twice, and triples once. Wow.

586 - Coco Crisp

419 - Bengie Molina

588 - Tony Gwynn (Jr.)
Nice action shot of a hit. Just like his dad. Only slimmer.

541 - Adam (not Pacman) Jones

375 - Fausto Carmona

368 - Michael Bourn

A couple rookies and a couple Pirates. Not gonna complain. Love the design too, nice and simple and I like the retro circle letters at the top. A solid set overall I think.

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madding said...

Gaudin came over to the Cubs in the Rich Harden trade. He was used primarily as a reliever this season which is fairly strange considering he was decent as a starter last year.