Sunday, October 26, 2008

2006 Fleer Ultra Retail

The World Series is on, Joe Buck is making me sleepy, and I'm not feeling very witty tonight, but A Pack Must Be Ripped.

16 Bobby Crosby
137 Edgar Renteria
81 Richie Sexson
DP1 Derek Jeter Diamond Producers
66 Cesar Izturis Gold parallel

Got a Brave, got a Jeter insert, good pack. Back to watching the World Series now. If there are any alien lifeforms reading this blog, please abduct Tim McCarver and Probe with Extreme Prejudice.


Kim said...

Short, sweet, and pretty damn funny. Joe Buck is killin' me too!

Joe S. said...

These commentators are worst; I can't bear to watch any more. Usually, in times like these, I'd just tune into the radio broadcast, but that's even worse with Joe Morgan.

dayf said...

Morgan's doing the radio broadcast?? I'm glad I couldn't find the signal now...