Wednesday, October 08, 2008

2008 Upper Deck X-Baseball

There has been a lot of talk about these cards. Some collectors hate them, some collectors can at least live with them, and I'm sure somewhere are collectors who flat-out love the design. Me? I think they're alright. I think some cards are put together better than others as far as composition goes. The Chipper Jones below is "nearly perfect" in my opinion as far as design. His legs form the lower part of the "X" and his upper body is such that he is leaning inside one leg of the "X." So, I guess he's kind of an upside-down "Y" really... Compare that to the Rowand card below, which is just a straight, vertical picture with an "X" background. Stupid layout...

Chipper Jones (Braves), Adrian Gonzalez (Padres), and Rickie Weeks (Brewers). Adrian is the die cut card in the pack and he's got the Jones-like composition. I like the die-cut version. As others have said, that should have been the base card of the set. The Weeks card is an "XPONENTIAL" which actually a very nice-looking card! It's got relief work on it, foil, and I'm not sure what makes him an "X2," but I like the card. Are there other exponents used for different players? I haven't been paying enough attention to know.

Next we have YAFYSLC* Hank Bauer (Yankees), Howie Hendrick (Angels), and Aaron Rowand (Giants). There's nothing to see here people, move along...

Okay, so overall, the die cut and the Weeks card were pretty cool. There's not really much in there that I would keep, so these will join my trade fodder team boxes later.

*Yet Another Friggin Yankee Stadium Legacy Card

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