Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2008 Topps Updates and Highlights

This product doesn't interest me at all right now, but I'll be damned if I'm getting scooped twice in a week. Ok, what is there to say about this stuff? The pack is a pretty blue... it has Hamilton, Joba and... I think Utley on the front, um, I got 5 packs for 8 bucks... Meh, it's Topps.

UH217 Willy Aybar
UH7 Josh Anderson
UH19 Johnny Estrada
UH238 Dan Uggla All Star
UH43 Chip Ambres
UH162 Eric Stults
UH108 Shin-Soo Choo
UH48 Grant Balfour
UH314 Wilson Betemit gold foil
ToppsTown Gold code card

Knock yasselves out kids.

Pack starts out with three players with Braves backgrounds. Willy Aybar went from being a drunken mess for the Braves to a solid contributor with a Pennant winning club. Thanks for nothin' Willy. Josh Anderson is our starting center fielder for the next four years. Bank it. Of course I'm the same guy who saw 40 saves out of Rafael Soriano. Nice to finally see Josh in a Braves uni as all his cards still had Astros on them for months after the trade. I still like Johnny Estrada. I like Brian McCann better, but Johnny was a good catcher for us. My first all star is Dan Uggla, who instantly went in the pile for Mario. The Highlights card of Jay Bruce is interesting, Topps stamped the date and description of the highlight in foil which is a neat touch. There is only one BRUUUUUUUUUCE as far as I'm concerned though. Ok, don't know who Chip Ambres is...ditto Eric Stults... and Shin-Soo Choo although that's an awesome photo...Grant Balfour I've heard of but I don't know anything about. Two Rays in the pack is a good omen for Tampa fans tonight I guess. The pack ends up with a useless Gold Foil card of another ex-Brave Wilson Betemit. Man, I wish he was still on our bench spelling Chipper. No inserts, which is what I was hoping to show off. I did get the first card for the Braves team set though and a couple of cards to trade.


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I'll probably buy some of these if I can find them. I just hope I can still get series 2 long enough to complete it. Does anybody how many cards are in the updates/highlights set?

night owl said...

Eric Stults is a guy the Dodgers keep bringing up when they're desperately desperate for a fifth starter. Which means he's been called up about 50 times now (slight exaggeration).

Slette said...

Where'd you find U&H at? Hobby store? Retail?

dayf said...

This pack was from a Hobby store. Retail will probably be hitting stores in the next week or two. I saw a 'coming soon' ad at the target card aisle for the stuff this afternoon.