Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving APAD style...

What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than by busting open a turkey with a few friends? And before a lot of you go scrambling for a calendar.... it's Thanksgiving here in Canada... most of you have to wait a month.
The turkey in question???? 1988 Score Baseball! A virtual rainbow of who's who, and who's not...

Gotta love those inserts... #42 of 56... Jackie Robinson breaks colour barrier.

There's GOLD in them thar hills!

First up, Jody Davis. Jody gained fame when he went on to play for a real team, the Atlanta Braves.

other gold bordered cards...

Mark McGwire Highlights - A's

Steve Bedrosian Highlights - Phillies

Full colour backs!!!! Actually, I like the backs. A different picture than the front, full career stats, including minor leagues. Team logo, position... the only thing I don't like as a set builder is the card number being so small.

Purple people eaters!

BJ Surhoff. BJ went on to fame when he played for a real team, the Atlanta Braves.

Other purple borders...
Chris Bosio - Brewers
Fred Lynn - Orioles

Lean, Mean, and GREEN! Eric Show...

Randy Myers - Mets. Randy went on to fame when he coached for a real team, the Atlanta Braves.

Ruppert Jones - Angels


Rick Schu

Mark Clear - Brewers

Gary Redus - White Sox


Terry Puhl

Jerry Browne - Rangers

Mickey Hatcher - Dodgers

Beautiful BLUE!

Jimmy Key - a damn good pitcher who never really got his due pitching for the Jays. He should've played for Atlanta...

Garth Iorg - Blue Jays

There you have it.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.... now excuse me while I go and eat my own body weight in one sitting.


Unknown said...

The word "color" with an "-our" ending AND a derogatory comment towards the Brewers!


Captain Canuck said...

that's not very neighBOURly, now is it?

dayf said...

Heh, I needed a good pack like this to cheer me up today...

I wouldn't be too quick to claim Jody Davis, the best thing he ever did for the Braves was to suck hard enough to give Greg Olson a chance.

For Thorzul:


Unknown said...

Ahhh, Canuck, it's all in good fun.

Good nickname, by the way. Back in the day the minor league Milwaukee Admirals were the farm team to the Vancouver Canucks. Now we're stuck with the Nashville Predators, who have never won a playoff series. Not that I care about any of that hockey stuff, by the way.