Monday, October 08, 2007

1983 Donruss Wax Pack

Puzzle pieces 19, 20, 21– Ty Cobb's Right Ear
Cesar Geronimo

Frank Tanana

Dick Williams

Dave Beard

Marc Hill

Juan Bonilla

Dusty Baker

Greg Brock – RC

Harry Spilman

Larry Andersen

Atlee Hammaker

Bill Gullickson

Jack Perconte

Glenn Wilson - RC

Geoff Zahn

What a drag-- I don't know how this pack could get any worse.
Ty Cobb was a racist and Larry Andersen looks like Freakshow from Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle.

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dayf said...

It speaks volumes on just how many packs of this stuff I bought in 1983 when you can say "Ty Cobb's right ear" and I know exactly what that puzzle piece looks like.