Tuesday, October 23, 2007

1986 Fleer Wax Pack

I was pretty excited to find this pack for $1.50; remembering it as a pretty classic looking set. Sure it wasn't the crisp '85 Fleer set, but it was before the red, white & blue mess of 1988 or even the pinstripe debacle of 1989. The one thing I apparently forgot is how bland the photography is on this set-- 11 of my 15 cards are headshots. Besides not having a bona fide star, this pack was straight boring-- in fact, the only card I'm going to even bother showing is the Famous Feats Lajoie sticker. This is a subset that I really wouldn't mind collecting; 22 cards with a classic "Heads Up" feel, but still 21 years old.

#245 Tim Burke, RC
#581 Brett Butler
#267 Floyd Youman, RC
#573 Wayne Tolleson
#36 Brian Harper
#83 Danny Heep
#13 Charlie Liebrandt
#441 Greg Gross
#530 Milt Thompson
#62 Cliff Johnson
#178 John Franco
#242 Lou Whitaker
#29 Cesar Cedeno
#196 Max Venable
#197 Juan Agosto
Twins/Nap Lajoie #21/22

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Unknown said...

Just out of curiosity who, according to the pack, rated Fleer "No. 1 Again"?