Sunday, October 21, 2007

1987 Topps Football

Time to take a break from the '88 set and instead open a pack of 1987 Topps football that I found this week. This is a nice underrated set. The pennant/fractured psyche motif of the names and position on the front always reminded me of Saul Bass movie titles. Check out the arrow pointing towards the player's name in the negative space of the design. The backs are red and black and feature the classic NFL shield as a border for the statistics. Red backs are a welcome change from the eye-straining yellow from the '86 set. Good thing Topps still utilized different designs for each product back then or we'd have more wood borders which wouldn't work with a football set.

one stick of toxic gum
361 Buffalo Bills
392 Jeff Davis
226 Fulton Walker
193 Max Montoya
54 Steve McMichael
225 Vann McElroy
115 Jerry Rice
1000 Yard Club 7 Walter Payton
94 Gerald McNeil
213 Los Angeles Raiders
46 Walter Payton
119 Jeff Stover
247 Bob Baumhower
57 Otis Wilson
339 San Diego Chargers
166 Irv Eatman

A Jerry Rice second year card and TWO cards of Walter Payton. Jackpot! The photo on the Rice card is classic as Jerry streaks off through the Candlestick infield while poor Joey Browner eats dirt and wonders what the hell just happened to him. No kickers in this pack, but there are three team cards. The Bills team card featuring Jim Kelly is ruined by a really disgusting mildewy looking gum stain. The Raiders team card looks good as Marcus Allen navigates through a flock of Seahawks. The 1000 yard club features a Greek column design and players who actually gained 1000 yards. I wish I had paid attention in history class now so I could remember if those were Ionic or Doric columns. They sure ain't Corinthian, I know that much. Great pack, I wish I had gotten a few more now. Not likely that I would beat this one though.

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SJ said...

Two Paytons and a beautiful Jerry Rice card? I'd chew the gum for that. In fact, when open the '89 Bowman tonight, I might sample the gum. -Scott