Sunday, October 28, 2007

1988 Topps Football Cello pack

Here's some more football cards for Sunday. This time I have an '88 Cello pack. I found these 3 for 2 bucks, which is actually cheaper than when they first came out. One of them has an Eric Dickerson rushing leaders cards on the front and Phil Simms on the back so let's open that one up.

217 Eric Dickerson - Charles White 1987 NFL Rushing Leaders
152 Leo Lewis
132 Curt Warner
177 Tony Eason
342 Stanford Jennings
51 Ronnie Lott
115 Jeff Donaldson
38 Joe Montana
64 Rickey Jackson
383 Atlanta Falcons
189 Miami Dolphins
4 Joe Montana Record Breaker
209 Kellen Winslow
298 Leroy Irvin
yum... gum
1000 Yard Club 28 Andre Reed
39 Steve Young
372 Detroit Lions
170 Keith Willis
29 Rick Karlis
329 James Lofton
171 Keith Gary
44 Mike Wilson
235 Keith Byers
353 James Wilder
75 Kevin Butler
160 Joey Browner All Pro
172 David Little
238 Kenny Jackson
318 Walter Stanley
272 Phil Simms

I'm on a hot streak picking these football packs. A week after pulling two Paytons and a Rice card I get two Joe Montanas and his backup, Steve Young. Not too shabby. My favorite card out of the pack is Ronnie Lott with his WTF? look on his face. It's not often you see cards where the photo is taken while stretching in warm ups. Phil Simms' picture is also amusing, he looks like he's up to something. Plotting to murder the Tuna most likely. The Falcons team card is nice, it shows Gerald Riggs about to get flattened by a Bronco. I shouldn't have looked at the back, there are a lot of ugly, ugly scores on there. They only won three games and one was with replacement players. A second look at the Dolphins card shows Dan Marino running the play-action. Jesus, how many hall of famers are in this pack?? Is Andre Reed in the hall of fame yet? Does anyone care about the pro football hall of fame? So many questions...

One question I have is why out of all these great players Joey Browner is the one who gets the All-Pro label. Montana threw for over 3000 yards and 31 touchdowns in only 13 games, but he doesn't get to be an All-Pro, why Joey Browner? Hey wait, how'd he play in 13 games? I thought the strike lasted 3 games and regular players only played in 12. Is the Great Joe a scab? So many questions! Joey Browner doesn't look like an all-pro on his card, he looks like he just got benched for letting Jerry Rice burn him like toast.

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Unknown said...

Yep, JoeMo was a scab for one game in 87. Quite a few other names were as well.