Monday, October 08, 2007

1986 Fleer Cello

Let's go for the trifecta!

I think paid too much for this pack ($7.50). Even before I tore this open, I had buyer's remorse.

Don Robinson
Dave Stewart
Randy O'Neal
Jeff Stone
Jeff Dedmon
Instant Offense (Raines & Strawberry)
Jackie Gutierrez
Dave Von Ohlen
LaMarr Hoyt
Ron Kittle
Larry Sorensen
Don Aase
Richard Dotson
Joe Uribe
Famous Feats Jimmy Foxx / Padres Sticker
Famous Fats Fred Toney and Hippo Vaughn / Expos Sticker
Craig Nettles
Harold Baines
Bobby Castillo
John Shelby
Gerald Perry
Bob Brenly
Gary Gaetti
Tom Hume
Lee Mazzili
Floyd Rayford
Bob Dernier
Alvin Davis
Steve Shields

Man, this pack is a Who's Who of 1986's most forgettable players. Aside from pulling Raines (even that is bummer because he shares the card with Strawberry), I should have been paid to open this one up. How brutal! This pack is like Chevy Chase getting to Walley World but finding out it was closed. Right Tom Hume?


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