Wednesday, October 10, 2007

1986 Topps Wax Pack

I found this pack for just the right price at $1.50. I always loved this set from Topps for some reason. I am not sure if it was the subpar gloss on the cards or the horrible photography. The blockteam lettering on the top sure made it easy to sort the cards by teams.

Orel Hershiser (nice! right off the bat with a damn great player from the mid to late 80s)
Larry Parrish
Donnie Moore
Thad Bosley
Tim Teufel
Butch Wynegar
Mark Salas
Lou Thornton
Mike Schmidt (I really think a pack is a good one if you get at least one HOF'er)
Giants Leaders
Steve Mura
Mike Jeffcoat
George Brett (two HOF'ers!)
Mark Clear
Alejandro Pena (with gum stuck to it)

I needed a pack like this after that damn Fleer cello pack. The first card was Hershiser, who I think needs to be in the HOF, but never will. It is wasn't for the Dodger's blatent over use of him from 85 to 89, he'd had a long career like Glavine and Smoltz. I also sadly think his 59 consecutive scoreless inning record will someday soon be broken. I met Hershiser back in the late 80s and we talked about baseball and hockey cards, school, and other Dodgers. He was a genuinely nice guy who seemed to care about his fans. I hope he takes Grittle's job as a Dodger manager, or at least comes in as a coach.

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