Thursday, October 11, 2007

2005 Skybox Autographics

Here's the second pack from my Target trip, and now that I have it home I'm not really sure why I chose this pack. There was certainly some better stuff in there, including some Fleer Tradition and Upper Deck hobby packs. Maybe it was Chipper on the wrapper. Maybe the Skybox brand reminded me of those old basketball cards with the cool computer generated backgrounds. Maybe I figured no one in their right mind would ever buy this crappy pack so I had a scoop for the blog. This isn't even a set I would normally buy anyway, the rookies and old timer cards are so short printed they are actually harder to pull than the autos and relics. Well, I bought it and I can't take it back, so here it is.

5 Chipper Jones
39 Alex Rodriguez
59 Bobby Abreu
2005 game card
28 Mike Sweeney
7 Miguel Tejada

Well, look at that, Chipper's on the pack and in the pack. He looks like he's getting his driver's license photo, but what the heck. ARod's not a bad pull either even with that self-satisfied smug look on his face. Wipe that smirk off your face, Chokey McChokerson, your autograph may be nicer than Chipper's but he's got a ring and you don't. Who's smiling now? To be fair, everyone has a middle school photo day look to them, save Miggy who's too cool to look at the camera. At least Abreu is in a Phillies uni and not a lousy Yankees one. Larry aside, this is a boring pack from a boring set. This is one of those all-or-nothing packs, either you pull a rookie or auto or you have more stuff for the compost heap. I should have gone with the UD hobby or at least gone crazy and gotten a basketball draft pick or racing pack.

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--David said...

I think those two should be cropped and run through GIZMOZ...