Saturday, October 13, 2007

1984 Topps Wax Pack

This is the 100th post on the A Pack A Day blog; but unfortunately, this pack is a complete dud. In my opinion, 1984 Topps is a very classic set. The layout is spot on with 2 photos on the front and the team name down the side; all without the overly ornate stripes and facsimile autographs from 1982. And the square head shot makes this set look a little bit more classic than the rounded shots of 1983-- all great sets in my opinion; I just think the layout on the '84 set is superior.
What a drag it is that Champ Summers didn't become a star-- he sure had the name (and look) of one.

#774 Tom Gorman
#319 Al Bumbry
#564 Al Holland
#175 Graig Nettles
#86 John Shelby
#88 Rob Picciolo
#770 Ken Griffey
#558 Mike Davis
Topps All-Star Baseball Game
#178 Bill Krueger, RC
#274 Rick Monday
#643 Mike Brown
#768 Champ Summers
#626 Bob Clark
#734 Odell Jones
#356 Glenn Abott

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--David said...

I agree. I always liked the design of the 84 cards, which also made it very easy to lay out the cards on the floor when going through stacks to find doubles. The player's name could be read while placing the next player card on top, etc.