Sunday, October 07, 2007

2007 Topps Turkey Red Baseball

I needed a break from all of the old stuff, so I picked up a pack of Turkey Red. I've decided not to collect any of the remaining baseball sets from this year, so this will likely be the only pack I buy.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
142 Jered Weaver

115 Prince Fielder (Got my money's worth right there!)
170 Hanley Ramirez
111 Francisco Rodriguez

117 Mickey Mantle
42 Dice-K Checklist
58 Carl Crawford (Great action shot.)
6 Corey Patterson

Officially, there's no reason to buy any more packs since I got Prince. I have to call this a successful pack. The Mantle is cool too. I'm out of things to say, but that's OK because the Cubs got swept last night. The Brewers would have at least taken a game off Arizona, and they certainly wouldn't have batted .194. That's what happens when your baseball team is nothing but an excuse to see and be seen.

Cubs suck.


NickL said...

aren't there laws against Topps hiring 6th grade art class students for the turkey red paintings?

--David said...

Is it just me, or does the "Mick" look like a Paint-by-Numbers?

dayf said...

I'll bet a lot of people dissing on Dick Perez this year went apeshit over Diamond Kings back in the day.

There are a few clunkers (like that Mantle) but a lot of the paintings he did for this set compare favorably to the original Turkey Reds. What I hate about this set is that they short printed A QUARTER OF THE SET. 200 cards and 50 of them are short printed. Ridiculous.

Peterson said...

this is, I hate the cubs and vikings,
I keep reading pack of day.
end transmission.