Friday, October 12, 2007

1986 Donruss Wax Pack

I took Chris Harris's suggestion and headed to Turn Two Collectibles in Raleigh and promptly bought most of their older wax. I felt I got a pretty good mix of different sets-- gambling more on sets that had cards I wanted to chase. Aesthetically, 1986 Donruss baseball is not even close to one of my favorite sets, but if memory serves, I don't think I ever actually obtained the sleazy Canseco rookie that everyone coveted for so many years. At $1.50 USD, I could afford to see if luck was on my side. Unfortunately there was no Canseco rookie pulled, but it wasn't a total loss.

I really wish I would have posted this pack 17 days ago on the 21st anniversary of Mike Scott's division clinching no-hitter. I moved to Houston in 1987 and quickly became an Astros fan. Without a doubt, he's the highlight of the pack; followed closely by Eddie Murray.

Also of note: the other day Jason pulled a card of "Wild Guy" Tom Hume-- what was up with Hume in '84 and '85?? He pitched in a total of 110 games those 2 years, but there isn't an action shot of him on ANY of his cards-- and to top it off, dude looks hekka square.

Hank Aaron puzzle 46, 47, 48
#89 Dion James
#199 Steve Bedrosian
#442 Scott Sanderson
#553 Chris Brown
#54 Dave Kingman
# 651 Fleet Feet: Coleman/McGee
#521 Hal McRae
#144 Lee Smith
#254 David Palmer
#365 Tom Hume
#476 Mike Scott
#587 Dickie Noles
#88 Eddie Murray
#331 Bill Gullickson
#441 Rick Aguilera, RC
#552 R.J. Reynolds

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Chris Harris said...

Just curious, but do they still have that Richard Petty record album in the front window?