Tuesday, October 02, 2007

1983 Fleer Wax Pack

I recently came up on a few packs of 1983 Fleer and plan to post them all on here-- unfortunately, this first pack is a bit of a snoozer. The look of these cards is really spot on: nice borders, cool team logos and name/position clearly printed on the front. The color and shape of the borders and encircled team name are reminiscent of the classic 1968 Topps set; so, while I didn't pull any superstars, it still was nice to be reacquainted with the set.
Although a boring, unchanging logo, what a great time to pull a Phillies team sticker-- NL East Champs!
Besides Keith Hernandez and Dave Parker, there really notables here; weren't any real however, Bobby "Super Mario" Castillo looks like he has a belly full of wine and spaghetti... and, on the other end of the emotion chart, Gorman Thomas- also sporting baby blue- looks like he's sizing up Paul Molitor for a back alley fight.
A classic look and some dated logos really help this pack out, but hopefully we see a little less Terry Kennedy and a little more Ozzie Smith in the packs to come.

Sticker - Phillies
#362 Terry Kennedy
#527 Dan Meyer
#653 Checklist: Pirates/Tigers
#342 Elias Sosa
#331 Mike Ivie
#8 Keith Hernandez
#391 Graig Nettles
#487 Rick Sweet
#414 Bake McBride
#402 Len Barker
#315 Dave Parker
#608 Bobby Castillo
#48 Gorman Thomas
#591 Ben Hayes
#597 Eddie Milner


dayf said...

Sweet, I love this set. I bought a ton of Fleer cello packs at Revco back in '83. I finally got the Stargell/Rose Fountain of Youth card to complete my set about a month ago :)

--David said...

Man, talk about a bad "Doublemint" commercial... :-)