Thursday, October 25, 2007

1983 Fleer Wax Pack

Keeping in time honored tradition, this mid-eighties Fleer pack is filled top to bottom with headshots. Hell, in this pack of 15, there are only 2 cards that I wouldn't consider a straight up headshot-- and, even then, I'm being awful generous to Mr. Pacella. Besides these 2 Twinkie pitchers, there isn't anything close to action photography. But, still, you have to appreciate how excited Hal McRae is in this photo-- although, I guess it is with good reason: he had a monster year in '82. Per usual, I'll leave it to an old Hall of Famer to clean up this pack-- Yaz saves the day as the last card pulled. Game 2 of the Series is about to start and for those of you not keeping track at home, I pulled 1 Red Sock and 0 Rockies... just kidding: Go Rockies!
#119 Hal McRae
#123 Don Slaught

#654 Padres/Yankees Checklist

#563 John Butcher

#276 Jim Wohlford

#622 John Pacella

#621 Jack O’Connor

#655 Indians/Blue Jays Checklist

#426 Jim Clancy

#58 Rick Dempsey

#382 Ken Griffey

#384 Dave LaRoche

#156 Larry Christenson

#140 Rufino
#200 Carl Yastrzemski

Blue Jays Sticker


Andy said...

Hey are you guys looking for any more contributors for this blog? I open up vintage packs from time to time myself.

SJ said...

Oooh, two checklists. I can't believe you didn't get any Marlins.