Sunday, October 14, 2007

2005 Donruss Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Baseball

I was jonesin' for a cheap pack of cards no more than four years old the other day. A stop a Target netted me some badly needed TP (down to the last roll with tacos on the night's menu), some lotion (Man, am I getting chapped now that the temps have finally started to go down!), and a few random packs to get me through the weekend. Are these warning signs of a collecting problem? Probably not, but let's not let it get to the point where I end up getting my arm sawed off because of my addiction. They'd have to rename the film Requiem For a Card.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
68 Mark Prior (Thorzul makes index-finger-down-throat motion, accompanied by a retching noise.)
26 Jason Varitek

16 Garret Anderson

30 Carlos Lee
87 Carlos Beltran

Grade: D
With George Brett on the pack, I'd like a reasonable shot at pulling a George Brett, or, to a lesser extent, a Bret Saberhagen. Hell, as long as we're talking Royals, I'd take a Darryl Motley, the only guy in the 1987 base set with a "Now With Braves" designation on the front.

This pack is a dud. I got a dirty-ass Cub, two guys named Carlos, and...wait, I can't do it. The rest of the pack isn't even worth talking about. Let's focus on Daryl Motley, whose "greatest baseball thrill was HR at Seattle in 1983 with his parents in attendance at the game." What the fuck was wrong with this guy?! He wins a World-Focking-Series in 1985, and he's most proud of a meaningless 1983 home run? No wonder the Royals traded him. Their organization wanted nothing to do with losers who had such shortsighted goals.

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