Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wal-Mart $9.99 Value Pack: 2006 Topps series one Rack Pack

I can't even remember the last time I opened up a Rack Pack. It should be noted; however, that for much of the late-90s and early-00s, The Hobby stopped making Racks.

The calling card for the '06 Topps Racks is that each of the three compartments contains a vintage buy-back.

Felipe Lopez
Jarrod Washburn
Shawn Estes
Huston Street
J.T. Snow
Dave Roberts
Joe Table
Preston Wilson
Jeff Weaver
Brett Tomko
Jason Phillips
Ichiro Gold Glove
Bobby Abreu Gold Glove
Ryan Howard NL ROY
Bobby Cox
Francisco Liriano (RC)

Declaration of Independence Signers: Oliver Wolcott (1:4)

Barry Bonds Bullshit Waste of Space: #674 (1:2)

'85 Duane Kiper
'86 Bob Bailor
'89 Pirates Team Leaders

According to the Beckett Annual, the Pittsburgh player depicted on the 1989 Team Leader card tagging Tony Gywnn is Al Pedrique. I still think it looks like Jay Bell. What do you all think?

Since I already had a complete set of '06 Topps, once again all cards (except for the Oliver Wolcott insert) are available for trade.


jason202 said...

I bought a bunch of those 2006 Topps rack packs at my local K-B Toys. I got some fun buy-backs in there, mostly '84 and '86, but nothing special.

Mike S said...

Jay Bell was on the Indians during the 1988 season, so it is not him.