Thursday, October 04, 2007

1991 Wild Card Football

A couple of weeks ago a Wild Card Brett Favre rookie card with the 1000 stripe sold on eBay for 2 grand. That's pretty outrageous for a card from the era of the never stopping printing presses, but the combination of a scarce parallel and the rookie card of a record breaking QB makes for a hobby gem. I recently found this pack in a dollar box full of el cheapo packs. For a buck I figured it was well worth a gamble. The set is only about 160 cards so even a common Favre rookie is a reasonable 1:12 packs or so.

28 Derrick Fenner
145 Leonard Marshall
15 Jim Everett
10 Albert Bentley
150 Willie Anderson
120 Tim Harris
8 Dave Kreig
127 Hugh Millen
102 John Taylor
48 Maurice Hurst
17 Drew Hill
85 Timm Rosenbach
86 Steve Young
130 David Fulcher
21 Blair Thomas

No Favres and no stripes, but I do have the core of a pretty good Tecmo Bowl team. I just need to trade "Chris" Everett and Dave Kreig for another pass rusher and a decent cornerback and I'll beat anybody with this roster. It's probably just as well that I didn't pull a Favre, this pack was abused. Quite a few dinged corners and the Blair Thomas card is pretty messed up. His stats are messed up too, did you know he had 204 pass receptions in 1990? Marvin Harrison eat your heart out. I'm seriously going to go play some Tecmo Bowl now, I can't wait to run all over people with Albert Bentley. Forget the Georgia Lottery, this is the most fun a dollar can buy.


Chris Harris said...

I wonder how people get the "Chris Everett" reference?

Oh yeah, one other thing:

Football Video Game.

Jason Wilder said...

Wow, these certainly bring back memories! I think I have an unopened box of them laying around somewhere.

dayf said...

Yeah Chris! I was looking for that link last night!


jason202 said...

Those are some of the worst looking cards ever.

Kris H said...

I have several of that set.. Dave Krieg,Derrick Fenner and Jim Everett.

Plus others not mentioned..

Jeff bryant,Charles Mann, Keith Millard, Rod Woodson,Bubby Brister, John L Williams, Louis Lipps,Greg Townsend,Roger Craig and Gary Clark. How much are they worth?