Tuesday, October 30, 2007

2007 Topps Series 3


We can finally stop buying crappy Target packs, Topps Series three is live! Updates and whatsit? No, no, no. This is Topps Series 3. If Topps won't have the decency to call this Traded, then I'm not calling it that convoluted name they made up. This is Series 3 all the way.

I went to the local den of iniquity today meaning only to pick up a shoebox, a bubble mailer for a trade that just went down and maybe a couple of Topps basketball packs. To my surprise, after already being pushed back a couple weeks the new Topps was sitting there waiting for me! Ah, sweet, sweet, nectar... I instantly bought 10 packs out of a freshly opened box and cracked them open. Lets just say while they were good (Ryan Braun RC for the win!), if I posted just those ten on my blog I'd be laughed off the internet. A confirmed Topps fanboy just cannot post a pack break where he pulled FIVE Generation Now cards and three Bonds Desecration of History cards out of ten packs. I decided the 8 bucks in my pocket was worth sacrificing to defend the storied reputation of the Topps brand. I grabbed 5 more packs and after the first one, I knew her Honor had been restored. Oh yes, this pack goes to eleven.

UH119 Matt Stairs
UH65 Angel Pagan
UH132 Scot Shields
UH329 Roger Clemens red parallel
UH102 Adam Eaton red parallel
AST-OVS Roy Oswalt, Justin Verlander and Ben Sheets All Star Game Stitches Triples numbered 16/25
UH18 Adam Jones
UH259 Freddy Sanchez NL All Star

When I was opening this pack, all I was really hoping for was to pull a Brave card. I went 0-for-Atlanta with the first 100 cards I pulled from this set. The closest thing I got to a Brave was Jarrod Saltalamaccia in a Rangers uniform. The Triple Thread featuring two of my favorite pitchers (and the third one's not too shabby either) was a bit of overkill, frankly. Unfortunately the red cards are back again, but a Clemens parallel isn't too bad a pull. Who really cares about the rest of the pack, there's really not much there. This is an odd pack in that I pulled no rookies. I think this may be the only one out of 15 that didn't have at least one. Check out my blog to find out what else I pulled, I hope to have the rest of the break up by this evening July, maybe.

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Chris Harris said...

Don't tell me Topps is doing the fucking red letter bullshit in Updates & Highlights, errr..., Series 3!