Friday, October 05, 2007

1994 Fleer Ultra Baseball (Series II)

Another Toys R' Us repack box pack.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:

495 Yorkis Perez (RC)
497 Benito Santiago
441 Woody Williams
598 Checklist
483 Marcus Moore (RC)
489 Kurt Abbott (Crimeny, that's three Marlins, a Blue Jay, and a Rockie! Are there any cards in this pack depicting players on teams founded before 1977?)
321 Brian Anderson (RC)
562 Luis Alicea

310 Chris Sabo (Heck yes, Ol' Rec Specs himself! I got reacquainted with this baseball stud not too long ago when I came across his endorsement of the Nutty Buddy. Hope you enjoy. Sabo comes in toward the end of the clip, so be patient. One view, and you'll change your pronunciation to "testiclees." (Long "e") He's even in position to start picking at his balls on his card here. Jeesh.
343 Carlos Baerga
443 Mike Kelly (RC)

519 Ramon Martinez (Dang, got the not-as-successful brother!)

524 Pedro Martinez (Wow, back-to-back brothers! I wonder, with Fleer's collation tendencies, how common this was?)

7 Juan Gonzalez All-Star Team Insert

Grade: Pretty good pack, so I'll give it a B. A nice early card of Pedro in an Expos uniform. Too bad none of the rookies in here panned out. The set itself was another step backwards for Fleer. It's a bad sign when a card has to be tilted at a specific angle in order to read the player's name. Our economy undoubtedly suffered from an aluminium foil shortage in the mid-1990s. Good to know that we're finally back on track.

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