Friday, October 26, 2007

2004 Fleer Legacy Baseball

This Fleer Legacy product boasts one of the smallest sets I've ever seen, 60 cards. Actually, the checklist that came in the pack also includes #61-75, a Rookies subset, as well as a 15-card "Hit Kings" insert set.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
14 Carlos Delgado
34 Randy Johnson

HK 4 Mike Piazza Hit Kings

48 Hideo Nomo
15 Chipper Jones

Grade: B
This is a very attractive set, with huge swaths of color framing each player. The only drawback to the design is the decision to put some of the personal stats all around the corners on the backs of the cards, making them very hard to read. The design also isn't very slick about hiding the place reserved for game-used relics. Still, I like it. The player selection could have been a little better, but with 60 veterans, you aren't going to pull many duds.

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