Wednesday, October 24, 2007

1988 Pacific Eight Men Out

I went to the card shop to see if Topps Series 3 was out yet, but sadly it has been pushed back again. It's now set to arrive on Halloween, but I'm not holding my breath. I checked out their dollar box of oddball packs and found this. Today seemed like a great day to open this pack so I grabbed it. This set came out the same year as Pacific's Legends set and is based on the movie. About a quarter of the set is of actual players from the Black Sox, let's see if we pull one. A Shoeless Joe card would be sweet.

59 Kid Watches Eddie
67 Judge Kenesaw Mountain Racist
56 Kerr wins Game Six
39 The fix is on
65 Sign the petition
35 Hugh and Ring comfort Kid
109 Happy Felsch
90 Adolfo Luque
79 Judge Bastard Commissioner of Baseball
12 John Cusack as George Buck Weaver
72 The Trial

Not too bad, one player from each world series team, and a good assortment from the movie. I'm not thrilled about pulling two Kenesaw Mountain Landis cards, I'm not too fond of him as you can probably tell. Yeah, yeah, he saved baseball, cleaned up the sport, blah blah blah. He also made damn sure Oscar Charleston and Josh Gibson would never have a chance to play in the majors so saving the league was a Pyrrhic victory as far as I'm concerned. The John Cusack rookie card more than makes up for ol' Sourpuss though. That sucker's going to PSA. I'll send it off right after I watch my DVD of Tapeheads. Mmmmm... Chicken n Waffles.

Ya know, Kenesaw would make a great Halloween mask. BOO! You're banned from baseball!

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--David said...

Over this past summer, I bought one of those 20 packs for $20 at Wally World, and it, too, had a pack of Eight Men Out. The Cusack I got only showed the player's name on the front. If you didn't recognize the actor, you wouldn't have known any better until you flipped the card over and read the blurb. Weird tie-in set.. Too bad they never did one for Major League! :-)