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Target 100 card box thingy

Ok, here's the pièce de résistance of my Target box. 100 official MLB cards in a little nondescript white box that looks like it should hold a power supply for a cheap electronic gizmo and not baseball cards. There's no good way to list out 100 cards except to just go for it, so here they are:

1992 Upper Deck 361 Sid Fernandez
1992 Upper Deck 326 Melido Perez
1989 Topps 154 Don Carmen
1992 Upper Deck 101 Shawon Dunston
1993 Leaf 274 Chito Martinez
1993 Leaf 9 Andy Stankiewicz
1991 Leaf 479 Mike Flanagan
1991 Topps 373 Darrin Jackson
1989 Topps 485 Hubie Brooks
1989 Topps 725 Terry Steinbach
1983 Donruss 463 Jack Perconte
1990 Upper Deck 484 Oil Can Boyd
1998 Skybox Thunder 64 Willie Blair
1991 Donruss 7 Lenny Dykstra
1982 Fleer 279 David Rozema
1985 Topps 74 Mike Krukow
1987 Topps 548 Bill Mooneyham
1982 Fleer 72 Mike LaCoss
1989 Donruss 628 Mike Smithson
1990 Upper Deck 616 Don Robinson
1989 Donruss 577 Rolando Roomes
1989 Donruss 297 Ed Hearn
1991 Ultra 388 Gerald Williams
1989 Donruss 523 Mark Lemke
1989 Donruss 214 Dave Stewart
1987 Topps 578 Billy Hatcher
2001 UD MVP 27 Billy Koch
1987 Topps 362 Luis Quinones
1990 Donruss 49 Shawon Dunston
1987 Fleer Update U-46 Charles Hudson
1993 Ted Williams 24 Billy Williams
1988 Topps 116 Jerry Don Gleaton
1993 Donruss 95 George Bell
1986 Fleer 410 Keith Atherton
1993 Ted Williams 8 Ralph Branca
1993 Ted Williams 118 Pepper Davis
1987 Topps 580 Mike Krukow
1989 Topps 429 Twins Leaders
1991 Upper Deck 318 Mike Heath
1990 Upper Deck 371 Cecil Espy
1990 Upper Deck 418 Darren Daulton
1992 O-Pee-Chee Premier 42 Howard Johnson
1990 Upper Deck 443 Todd Frohwirth
1991 Fleer 86 Wade Boggs
1990 Topps 319 Dion James
1990 Best Kingsport Mets 27 Dan Norman
1990 Best Williamsport Bills 8 Ruben Gonzalez
2003 Donruss 197 Aubrey Huff
1995 Skybox EMotion 65 Andy Pettitte
1989 Fleer 651 Prospects Terry Taylor & Vance Lovelace
1989 Fleer 349 Larry Anderson
1989 Fleer 469 Bob Boone
1989 Fleer 429 Les Lancaster
1988 Fleer 554 Jeff Ballard
1987 Topps 447 Bill Almon
1988 Fleer 425 Keith Moreland
1986 Topps 223 Atlee Hammaker
1993 Topps 690 Bien Figueroa
1990 Score 135 Dave Parker
1990 Score 162 Terry Steinbach
1987 Topps 596 Steve Sax All Star
1990 Upper Deck 787 Matt Young
1990 Upper Deck 437 Charlie Hayes
1988 Donruss 361 Al Pedrique
1982 Donruss 194 Bill Lee
1988 Donruss 241 Wally Backman
1990 Upper Deck 611 Jeff Weatherby
1990 Upper Deck 446 Joey Belle
1989 Score 509 Bobby Meacham
1987 Donruss 129 Dwight Evans
1990 Score 497 Greg Litton
1990 Score 397 Robby Thompson
1990 Score 112 Don Robinson
1990 Upper Deck 192 Dave Parker
1990 Upper Deck 195 Bob Welch
1990 Upper Deck 192 Dave Parker
1988 Topps 589 Geno Petralli
1990 Upper Deck 521 Gene Corsi
1990 Score 490 Kal Daniels
1990 Score 537 Greg Mathews
1990 Score 40 Mike Scott
1997 Pacific 285 Jeff Reed
1990 Fleer 503 Greg Swindell
1991 Upper Deck 777 Joe Slusarski
1990 Donruss 555 John Costello
1990 Donruss 713 Gary Eave
1990 Fleer 67 Ken Oberkfell
1990 Score 540 Jeff Weatherby
1987 Topps Rick Rhoden
1988 Fleer 154 Mookie Wilson
1985 Topps 494 Rich Dauer
1990 Fleer 604 Mike Henneman
1988 Fleer 414 Jody Davis
1988 Fleer 376 Mike Kingery
1988 Fleer 327 Doug Drabek
1990 Best Medicine Hat 4 Travis Burley
1990 Best Medicine Hat 3 Lonell Roberts
1991 Upper Deck 706 Rafael Belliard

For anyone not willing to read through that long list to sum up it's a whole lotta random 80's and 90's stuff. There are actually 98 cards in the box, and since 4 of them are actually Best minor league cards, that makes 94 MLB cards. Misrepresentation! There are two cards from the 21st century, Aubrey Huff from 2003 Donruss and an MVP Billy Koch. a full third of the box is from 1990 including almost a full pack of '90 Upper Deck. It even has the double of Dave Parker to complete the official 1990 UD pack opening experience. It's actually not that bad a box, there are a lot of gems in here. Here's the top ten from the pack:

#10 1987 Topps 548 Bill Mooneyham - Classic pose from the '87 set. Plus the guy's name is Mooneyham which reminds me of this.

#9 1990 Best Kingsport Mets 27 Dan Norman - A minor league coach card should piss me off, but I like this guy's sheepish look on the card. C'mon Dan, don't be shy. You actually made the show which is more than can be said for the other Best cards in the box.

#8 1991 Upper Deck 777 Joe Slusarski - Why Upper Deck chose Joe to receive the Marcel Duchamp treatment I'll never know.

#7 1995 Skybox EMotion 65 Andy Pettitte - I am ashamed to admit I loved this stuff when it first came out and I actually spent the 5 bucks a pack to buy a lot of it. The Hockey set has one of the greatest cards in the universe, a Paul Coffey Red Wings card where the 'emotion' line reads SQUIDS!.

#6 1990 Upper Deck 484 Oil Can Boyd - Any man named after the beer he drinks is all right in my book.

#5 1987 Donruss 129 Dwight Evans - This was a tough choice between the Evans and the 1989 Donruss Dave Stewart card. I love Dwight's grouchy look on this card. Dave looks typically angry on his card, but Dwight is about to set the garden hose on some punk kids who won't get off his lawn. '89 Donruss will be represented later in the countdown, so this is also a chance to slip in a card from the '87 set.

#4 1991 Fleer 86 Wade Boggs - With apologies to Indians fans, here's the third straight Red Sox card. Boggs is a legit Hall of Famer, besides I just couldn't bring myself to post the Joey Belle card.

#3 1982 Donruss 194 Bill Lee - Spaceman! This is the oldest card in the box, but the dude's still pitching with Oil Can Boyd's Traveling All-Stars.

#2 1989 Donruss 523 Mark Lemke - Lemmer's rookie card! Seeing this card sadly reminds me that the season is over and I won't hear Mark on the Braves' postgame radio show for 5 months.

#1 1993 Ted Williams 118 Pepper Davis - Chicks on cards... Alll Riiight! One of these days I'm going to break down and buy a box of old Ted Williams cards. It would be worth it just for the POG inserts. Pepper gets the #1 spot on the list because she was a technical consultant on the movie A League of Their Own, which contains one of my favorite movie lines ever:
Kid: What's your rush, dollbody? What do you say we slip in the back seat, and make a man out of me?
Dottie Hinson: What do you say I smack you around for a while?
Kid: Can't we do both?
I could hear that line a thousand times and it would still kill me every single time.

Worst three:
1990 Upper Deck 192 Dave Parker - Double = suck. I'm willing to bet that the two Parkers came from the same pack as well.

2001 UD MVP 27 Billy Koch - The entire Collector's Choice/UD Choice/MVP line from Upper Deck is a waste of molecules.

Every 1988 Fleer card except for the Mookie Wilson - I bought a factory set of this stuff when it came out so every '88 Fleer card I've pulled since is automatically a double. Every set should have a guy named Mookie in it so he gets a pass.

Weirdest card from the box:
1992 Upper Deck 101 Shawon Dunston - this card got screwed up in production and there is a stripe going across Shawon's helmet with no UV coating.

All in all, this box was worth the ten bucks. Just remember not to have too high expectations for the bonus cards and that what you see is what you get.

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