Sunday, October 21, 2007

Target Value Pack (One Memorabilia Card, One Pack, and 25 Cards)

I'll follow the lead of dayf by posting my opening of one of those "Value Packs" that promises one memorabilia card. I've been running into some pretty sour luck lately opening loose old packs that Target scoops up, so I figured, "Hey, at least I'll get one good card, right?" My hopes for the game-used card are not high. Let's just say that it probably won't be a Hall of Famer.

This is one of those situations where I've ended up buying something I normally wouldn't buy, if not for the blog. Like I have done before, I am recruiting some help for this lovely item. Guards, bring in the pack!

Well, they do a good job of doing as they're told, but these guys don't have too much to say. Basically they're following the directive of this guy:

Grand Moff Tarkin! (Out of focus like a mug!) But he doesn't have one of those hovering droids that are used to give people shots with giant needles. And he doesn't seem the type to like getting his hands dirty. He has a trusty blaster at his side, but that will damage the cards. What will he do?

Ahhh, he seems to have a captive. It's the Beast. We might be mixing mythologies here, but who cares? When this captive X-Man was being brought to the opening area, someone was heard to remark, "Where are you going with this...thing?"

Well, at least he has a giant hand, good to rip this blister pack open, albeit at gunpoint.

It also looks like these guards are not fronting on maintaining the integrity of these cards. Word on the street is that they are planning on sending something off to BGS to get graded one this mission is completed.

The Beast has done his job. Lucky for the Moff, the good people at Fairfield (the guys who chose 25 crappy cards to include in this package) were kind enough to include an entrance ramp to help with the extraction of the cards.

When Beast sees the stinker of a promised memorabilia card, he suggests getting the heck out of there. Grand Moff Tarkin, however, holds steadfast: "Evacuate? In our moment of triumph? I think you underestimate its quality."

Not quite, Tarkin. I don't think I could have pulled a poorer card from this pack. Plus, one of its corners is all shot to hell. Let's see what else is in here.

Let's allow Beast to tear in.

Top to Bottom:
2005 Fleer Rookies Classic Clippings #116 Ryan Rabrun
1994 The Sporting News Conlon Collection #1155 Sammy Hale
2004 Upper Deck #39 Miguel Tejada
1991 Upper Deck #507 Dana Kiecker
1989 Fleer #509 Melido Perez
1989 Topps #623 Fred Toliver
2007 Topps #CHC11 Derrek Lee
2007 Topps #CHC12 Mark DeRosa
2007 Topps #MIN6 Boof Bonser
1987 Topps #324 Dave Palmer
2007 Fleer #56 Jarrod Washburn
2007 Topps #CHC10 Mark Prior
2006 Upper Deck #152 Travis Hafner
2007 Fleer #211 Hanley Ramirez
2007 Fleer #154 Geoff Jenkins
1978 Topps #256 Joe Altobelli
1987 Fleer Update #U-99 Luis Polonia
2007 Fleer #244 Cliff Lee
2007 Topps #CHC4 Jacque Jones
2003 Donruss #315 Ruben Quevedo
2007 Fleer Ultra #74 Brad Lidge
1986 Fleer Update #U-41 Scott Fletcher
2006 Fleer #416 Chad Billingsley
1986 Fleer Update #U-75 Joel McKeon
2007 Topps #NYM2 Jose Reyes
2006 Bazooka Rewind #BR-JB Jason Botts (Game-Used Bat)

Not great, but I expected as much. As a Brewers fan, I'll keep the Jenkins. Maybe the Toliver will help me complete my 1989 Topps set. A Melido Perez is always an added bonus. I'm surprised that something as old as the Altobelli manager card snuck into this thing. And to top it off, I must be receiving my punishment for being so hard on the Cubs as I received four of what must be their team-set cards.

If anyone's interested in a trade, everything but the Jenkins, Toliver, Altobelli, and the Botts bat card (Jason Botts Every-Flavor Bats?) are on the table. You can get in touch with me at I'll take anything interesting in trade, not limited to cards.

Oh, and there's the 2004 Upper Deck First Pitch pack, too:
143 Andruw Jones
44 Barry Zito
58 Rocco Baldelli
5 Miguel Cabrera Star Rookies
27 Mark Teixeira Star Rookies
Spell and Win Letter C

Wow, vast improvement. I'll hold onto Cabrera and Teixeira. Pretty nice cards. If you're interested in Jones, Zito, and Baldelli, those are on the trading block as well.

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dayf said...

ATTACKTIX! Awesome! Sucks about the Botts card but you have a Grand Moff Tarkin, so you are a rich man in my book.