Friday, October 26, 2007

1991 Stadium Club Series 2

Ok, I've already given you my big Stadium Club story, let's just bust open this series two pack. It can't possibly be as good as the first one, CAN IT?!?!? (this is called foreshadowing, folks. All the cool writers use it)

543 Mo Vaughn $4.00^
465 Albert Belle $1.50
595 Ed Nunez 20¢
548 Chuck Knoblauch $2.75^
576 Luis Gonzalez $4.00^
388 Jeff Bagwell $11.00^
517 Tim Hullett 20¢
598 Checklist cards 301-400 20¢
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365 John Smoltz 20¢
457 Junior Felix 20¢
452 Mark Whiten $1.25
432 Ernie Riles 20¢

WHERE THE HELL WERE THESE PACKS IN 1991 WHEN I COULD HAVE USED THEM? This pack has just about every good rookie from series two, including the only two that book anymore. Plus I got John Smoltz, who bestows automatic win to every pack he's in. The rookie cards all have the exact same picture on the front as on the back. Mo's card is on the front and the back! Whoooa... All except for Luis Gonzalez who somehow has his 1991 Topps debut card on the back, which is labeled as 1990 debut just to make things more confusing. Since the price guide mention got a lot of comments, I am shamelessly pandering to my audience and listing the book value next to the cards. This time I'm using the November 1991 Beckett (the one with Bo in a White Sox uni on the cover) for my reference. Look at all those up arrows! I wonder how many people bought the Mark Whiten for a buck fiddy and left the 20 cent Smoltz on the counter. I pulled 3 of the top five cards out of this set according to that guide. Bags at $11 is the top card obviously, and Luis and Mo are in a three way tie for third. Can anyone guess the other two cards?

Hint: #2 on the list booked for 9 bucks and played for a team in this year's World Series.

Another hint: You'll never figure out #5 unless you look it up in your Bo Beckett even though he was in the top 5 in NL Rookie of the Year voting in '91.


Mike S said...

My guesses are Phil Plantier for #2 and, going by your clue but w/o looking at the 1991 ROY voting, Ray Lankford as #5.

Ben Meers said...

My impulse says Vinny Castilla and Ray Lankford; although, I know Castilla wasn't that highly regarded then...

dayf said...

Mike got #2 right, Plantier was the hot card at $9.

I'll give you guys a little longer before revealing #5. Hint: played for the Phillies.

Dave said...


Hoiles said...

I cheated by looking at the voting but I would have never figured it out otherwise. You have to be at least 25 to have heard of this guy.

dayf said...

Final hint: He shares his last name with a rookie on the Yankees that everyone's going nuts over this year.

Laura Barron-Lopez said...

Wes Chamberlain

dayf said...


We have a winner!