Monday, October 29, 2007

1988 Donruss Pop-Up All Stars

I found this pack for a quarter and figured what the heck. This set is similar to the Action All-Stars and pop-ups that Donruss had been doing for a few years, but they shrunk the large sized cards to the standard 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches. As always, there is a puzzle piece in the pack.

Stan Musial puzzle 43, 44, 45
Dave Winfield pop-up
38 Eric Davis
2 Dave Winfield
59 Tim Wallach
27 Kevin Seitzer
50 Ozzie Virgil

Two cards of Dave Winfield is pretty dang cool. The Pop Up cards are similar to the Batter Up cards of the 30's and the '64 Topps Standups cards except that these have a back that is folded over to help the things stand and maintain structural integrity. The cards look like boring versions of the '88 set. Eric Davis should have been one of the All-Timers, but it wasn't meant to be. Another lost superstar from the 80's. Speaking of lost, what the hell happened to Kevin Seitzer? He was one of the hottest rookies around in the mid 80's and was actually a pretty good hitter truth be told, but no one seems to know who he is anymore. I'll bet if you got 100 baseball fans in a room ans asked them all who Kevin Seitzer was you'd get a lot of blank stares and maybe a "oh yeah, that guy" or two. Even his BR Bullpen page is almost empty! Dude was an all star with 1500 hits in his career. He shoulda juiced up and hit more homers. The pack ends up with Ozzie Virgil looking sharp in a Braves uni. We traded Cy Young closer Steve Bedrosian for this guy, ouch.


Andy said...

Seitzer was a hitting coach recently--I forget if for Cleveland or Milwaukee. If I remember correctly, I think he got fired in the middle of the season.

Mike S said...

Seitzer was the D'Back's hitting coach before getting fired in favor of the immortal Rick "Fu Man" Schu.

That's a great card of Winfield. I love most sets that eschew borders - in fact, I'd probably like the late 1980's Donruss brands a heck of a lot more without the ugly bordering that was used.

Chris Harris said...

Yes!!! A Rick Schu reference. (see my profile photo)

SJ said...

...and here I am thinking "Wait 'til Chris sees this." I wonder what Rick's Berman Nickname was.


SJ said...

Rick "Really Big" Schu

Andy said...

I'm pretty sure Seitzer was a hitting coach somewhere before ARI, even.

Is Rick Schu still the next Mike Schmidt?