Thursday, October 25, 2007

2004 Upper Deck Diamond Pro Sigs

These packs of cards seem to keep getting slimmer and slimmer. Maybe this is why I don't buy Upper Deck.

Let's tear in.

13 Jerome Williams
64 Greg Maddux
43 Edgar Renteria Gold Parallel

58 Vladimir Guerrero

70 Mark Mulder
6 Larry Walker

Grade: B
The Vlad is nice. My only comment on the design comes from my fiancee: "It looks like their legs are cut off."
Yeah, I guess the design could use some work. Personally, anything without a real background usually rubs me the wrong way.
From the card numbering, I'm guessing this is one of those sets that's deceptively difficult to complete, small, but lots of hard-to-get stuff. I'll be staying away from any future packs.

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--David said...

There is nothing like a girlfriend/ fiancee/ wife to keep it real... We get so caught up in our 'hobby' that we all need someone who looks at a card and says, "I don't like his hair.." or "It looks like his legs are cut off..." :-)