Saturday, October 27, 2007

1989 Bowman

Yeah, I said I was going to wait on this pack, but it looked so nice I just had to open it up.

one stick of well-behaved gum
180 Stan Jefferson
134 Chris Bosio
234 Rick Leach
382 Tim Teufel
104 Al Pedrique
349 John Shelby
Leroy "Satchell" Paige sweepstakes card
423 Glenn Wilson
114 Steve Farr
224 Charlie Hough
7 Jeff Ballard
275 Darrell Evans
140 Paul Molitor

I don't care if I already have 10 of them, I love pulling any card of Satchel Paige. Molitor rescues this pack from complete oblivion, although there are some interesting cards in here. Stan Jefferson is unscathed by the gum which has aged quite well. So well I might just give it a little lick, but I would certainly never chew it. The stands in Tim Tuefel's posed spring training shot refreshingly actually has people in it. Charlie Hough's card has a great shot of him hurling the knuckleball that kept him in the league for 800 years. The back of Al Pedrique's card shows while he is in a Tigers uni, he did indeed play for Pittsburgh in 1988. The front shows he kinda sorta looks like Jay Bell as well. I had no clue he managed the D-Backs in 2004 until I clicked on his baseball-reference link. I thought I knew my stuff, but Al Pedrique smacked me down to earth. Selah.

Update: Do not lick the gum. Blech.

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