Saturday, October 06, 2007

1989 Donruss Baseball

I think the mediocre nature of this repack box is getting to me. Yet, I forge ahead.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
Warren Spahn Puzzle pieces 61,62,63
575 Juan Nieves (I remember where I was the first time I pulled this card: Fargo, North Dakota, visiting some family friends. I only remember this because it was a Brewer, the only one to ever pitch a no-hitter. My knowledge of this fact earned me a Derrick Turnbow bobblehead this summer at a pre-Brewer game trivia party.)
337 Ken Williams
571 Don Robinson
262 Floyd Bannister

260 Cecilio Guante (Happy, optimistic that it will start raining, so maybe he can play some Nintendo in the clubhouse.)
650 Jody Davis
438 Doug Jones (For some reason, not holding a ball on fire.)
199 Kent Hrbek (Whom my Twins fan girlfriend lovingly refers to as "Tubba Goo.")
434 Dave Anderson
632 Mike Young (A Brewer I have no recollection of.)
25 Glenn Davis Diamond King
659 Wayne Tolleson
575 Juan Nieves (Wait a minute...)
573 Bill Long
571 Don Robinson (What the...?)
632 Mike Young (Who the eff...?)

Alright, the pack says "3 Puzzle Pieces & 15 Picture Cards." I received the correct number of aforementioned pieces, but 16 cards, three of which were doubles in the same pack, so that's more like 13 cards. Sure, I guess this could have been expected back in 1989, but does this happen anymore? I remember reading a Beckett article a long time ago where they gushed about Pacific trading cards, where you were unlikely to receive any doubles in an entire box. This, of course has become standard by now. Whatever. Too bad they weren't Griffeys and Biggios.


Default said...

I remember when as a kid I opened a pack of 1992 Leaf and got 3 Mike Mussinas (2 regulars & 1 Black Gold). I haven't more than one of the same card in a pack since though.

Brewing In Seattle said...

Big Brewer's fan here and I also don't remember mike young.. then I checked and saw he only had 14 at bats with them in 1988 and not a single hit. Had a pretty good year for Baltimore in 1985