Monday, October 15, 2007

1983 Fleer Wax Pack

The search for the Sandberg rookie continues...
Well, that's not the only reason I bought a bunch of these 1983 Fleer packs, but it sure wouldn't hurt to break up the monotonous flow of forgotten commons.
Wow- I pulled 3 cards from the 18 card Special Super Star subset in the same pack-- not to mention the Black/Blue pair. I don't know if it was common for Fleer to put these 2 cards in the same pack, but I assume it wasn't. And... with every praise comes a complaint: why is the Vida Blue card numbered lower than the Bud Black card? If put in pages, the cards would look like this. They also did this with the Reggie Jackson/Rickey Henderson Speed & Power cards-- however, if this set were put in pages, Jackson and Henderson would be on different rows! Blasphemy!

But, the Pirates sticker is really cool and pulling a
Hall of Famer really does validate any pack.
#212 Candy Maldanado, RC?
#205 Terry Forster
#641 Joel Youngblood – Two Teams Same Day
#535 Tom Underwood
#364 Sixto Lezcano
#287 Randy Lerch
#284 Bill Gullickson
#644 Black & Blue – Bud Black
#577 Billy Sample
#261 Atlee Hammaker, RC?
#326 Kent Tekulve
#304 John Candelaria
#643 Black & Blue - Vida Blue
#428 Jerry Garvin
#69 Jim Palmer
Pirates Sticker

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Jeanette said...

Hmmm...I always read those as "Super Star Special", not "Special Super Stars". I doubt most major league teams would provide a short bus, even for the likes of Rickey Henderson or Reggie Jackson.