Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This is my first post so bear with me. No fancy graphics here.

At Fort Washington Reading, I picked up five packs at a dollar a piece. There are some wonderful packs in this $5 lot and I'll blog them over the next two weeks. Tonight, we're reviewing a pack of 1990 Upper Deck High Numbers with a Find the Reggie seal on the pack. These were a big deal when I was 10.

Here we go!

Glenn Davis has greeted me. Eye black, 80s moustache, no inkling that Jeff Bagwell will be in his spot in two years.
Rookie of the Year Jerome Walton
Manager Bud Black
Former Phillie, Padre on this card Chris James
Jay Bell in a sharp action shot
Randy Johnson, second year, he doesn't look 17 years and 230 wins younger. Isn't it odd how some people never age? I think Joe Paterno came out looking 60.
Paul Sorrento RC, high number in a posed shot with a "ladies, look at these guns" smirk on his face
Billy Jo Robidoux, looking at his numbers I wonder why the world was in love with him in the late 80s. Here he is a Red Sox or a Red Sock.
Braves hologram sticker to put on my tomahawk!
Mike Krukow, who is now 55 years old
Jeff Wetherby, so unnoteworthy, he doesn't have a wikipedia page
B.J. Surhoff, Did you know he had 2326 career hits?
Pat Borders, a baseball lifer
Blaine Beatty, all I remember about him was he was tall, no that was Terry Bross
Tim Raines team checklist
Bill Buckner, 40 years old and 21 seasons under his belt with a near complete career stat line. Buckner had 8 hits in '90 and one last home run, an inside the parker off Kirk McCaskill in this game.

Randy Johnson saved the pack. Otherwise nothing noteworthy. I give it a C+.

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Chris Harris said...

For the record, these packs were purchased from the same dealer who had the last three packs of '01 BowChro left on the planet.