Saturday, October 06, 2007

2007 Upper Deck Fat Pack Rookie Edition

I'm just in a rack packy mood right now. This 'Rookie Edition' Fat Pack is basically the same as the regular series 1 fat packs except they have the same inserts with rookies instead of stars on them, 20 added rookie cards and a lovely purple wrapper. This pack had Phil Hughes on the back for one of the inserts, and he was the only rookie I'd really heard of in among the packs in the store. My hatred of Upper Deck has lessened since Goudey came out, so I thought why not give it a chance.

Top pack:
232 Wes Littleton
49 Beltran Perez RC
25 Dennis Sarfate RC
372 Francisco Cordero
184 Jay Payton
120 Nate Robertson
454 Jeff Weaver
319 Hanley Ramirez
210 Carl Crawford
55 Corey Patterson
307 Yorvit Torrealba
182 Nick Swisher
279 Michael Barrett
435 Steve Finley
123 Mitch Maier RC
SR35 Phil Hughes Star Rookie

So far the rookies in Rookie Edition suck... Sarfate is the only player to even see the majors this year, pitching eight and a third innings in relief for the Astros in a September call up. The Hughes is nice though, and there's some good young stars like Hanley and Crawford in the pack.

Bottom pack:
332 Craig Biggio
1 Doug Slaten RC
131 Todd Wellemeyer
330 Taylor Tankersley
266 Ryan Langerhans
310 Brad Hawpe
387 Ryan Howard
251 Johnny Estrada
118 Joel Zumaya
371 Derrick Turnbow
246 Justin Speier
87 Jon Garland
243 Gustavo Chacin
498 Matt Cain Checklist
504 Alex Gordon RC
SR11 Chris Stewart Star Rookie

Ok this is more like it. Doug Slaten's good enough to be on the Diamondbacks playoff roster and Alex Gordon is Alex Gordon. Nice broken bat there Alex. Ryan Howard showing off his Home Run Derby championship trophy is cool, even though that jersey is hideous. I'm not sure what is going on in Craig Biggio's card. It doesn't look like he much knows either. Not bad at all I must say, and 32 cards for five bucks is a whole lot better than eight cards for three.


Chris Harris said...

Wait, wait, wait. You pulled an Alex Gordon RC in a PACK of Upper Deck? I though those were only available via redemption?

dayf said...

I guess they stuck them in these Fat Packs as well... Those must be the '20 added rookie cards' advertised on the pack. I haven't paid much attention to Upper Deck this year so I'm not really sure.

Hoiles said...

I picked up a blaster of the combo "fat packs" at Target and got 3 of the redemption rookies, including Dice-K. Looks like if you're not so much into the bits of jerseys cards (like myself) those would be a better deal.