Monday, October 29, 2007

Wal-Mart $9.99 Value Pack: 2006 Upper Deck Series 1 & 2 Fat Pack

Last pack in the Wal-Mart Value Pack, and its an Upper Deck Fatty from last year. Speaking of fattys...

Don't forget to bring a towel!
There, much better. I needed that. (Do cards not drugs, kids.)

Anyway, in 2006 Upper Deck released three different kinds of Fat Packs. One with only series one cards, another with only series two cards, and a third with cards from both series one and two. This particular pack is a "one-&-two;" that is, all the base cards in the top compartment are from the first series and all the cards in the bottom compartment are series two. There's also a "one-&-two" Fatty exclusive "Season Highlights" insert that's seeded at the rate of one-per-compartment.

Top compartment

Base (all series one):
Adam Kennedy
Javy Lopez
Neifi Perez
Joe Crede
Willy Mo Pena
Andy Pettitte
Dan Wheeler
Carlos Silva
Barry Zito
Rich Harden
Jim Thome
Woody Williams
Doug Clark (RC)
Cristian Guzman
Nick Johnson

Season Highlights: Johan Santana

Bottom Compartment

Base (all series two):
Wilson Betemit
Matt Belisle
Miguel Ojeda
Brian Moehler
Todd Wellemeyer
Rafael Furcal
Julio Franco
Ryan Doumit
Victor Santos
Josh Hancock
Brad Wilkerson
Robert Fick
Val Majewski (RC)
Ricky Nolasco (RC)

Season Highlights: Alfonso Soriano
Collect the Mascots and Win!: Phillie Phanatic

The Season Highlights inserts look virtually identical to the Player Highlights cards that were inserted into series two Hobby packs. In fact when I first saw these cards, I thought these were Player Highlights.

Collect the Mascots and Win! is a three-card one-&-two exclusive insert, featuring Mr. Met, The Phillie Phanatic, and Wally the Green Monster. By collecting all three cards, and entering the codes printed on the back, you can win prizes and stuff. I pulled the Phanatic, and yeah, the Big Green Guy is still the man. But don't take my word for it. Ask Mr. Met's wife.

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BEST POST EVER. Ladies love that Phillie Phanatic.