Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Pack Playoff!

The playoffs kick off today on TBS, so I thought I'd get a couple of packs and face them off in a one-game pack playoff.

Rules: 9 inning game. Each card (and the wrappers) face off as they are pulled from the pack. 1 point an inning for the first 8 innings. The 9th inning is a matchup of the insert or SP from the pack and is worth a total of 3 points. No Insert or SP, tough luck for that pack. All decisions are completely arbitrary and cannot be reversed. If you don't like it, then vote in the comments. Each vote for a pack adds one point to its total. If anyone is interested in this silliness, I'll do another round in the future with the winner of this matchup. Now Play Ball!

Inning 1: Wrappers - A-Rod vs. Jeter

Turkey Red's wrapper mimics a vintage tobacco trade card advertisement, while Goudey looks like someone went crazy with MSPaint for Commodore 64. Goudey is the rare pack that has a picture of an actual card on the wrapper, so it wins this round.

Turkey Red - 0 Goudey - 1

Inning 2: No 72 Chris Carpenter vs. No. 78 Miguel Tejada

Cy vs. MVP. Carpenter's Perez painting looks great, but Tommy John surgery wrecked his season this year. Miggy hit the DL as well with a broken hand and had an off year due to the injury. The background on Tejada's card is one of the more boring in the Goudey set, so I'll give the nod to Carpenter.

Turkey Red - 1 Goudey - 1

Inning 3: No 133 Jason Bay vs. No. 128 Chien-Ming Wang

Jason Bay is the Pirates, even though he had an off year. Chien-Ming Wang is merely the Yankees' starting rotation. Wang is starting game one of the Division series versus CC Sabathia while Bay counts his days until unrestricted free agency. Sorry Jason, they could have finished last without you.

Turkey Red - 1 Goudey - 2

Inning 4: No 102 Elijah Dukes RC vs. No. 152 Adam LaRoche

When Adam LaRoche flakes out, he forgets to cover first. When Elijah Dukes flakes out, he threatens to kill people. I - uh, I... I don't want any trouble here...

Turkey Red - 2 Goudey - 2

Inning 5: No 76 Nick Markakis vs. No. 25 Chad Cordero

Nick Markakis is a hell of a ballplayer and is going to have a great career in Baltimore. Chad Cordero is Charlie Brown. Just look at that hat. Charlie Brown changed his name, took a scholarship to Cal State-Fullerton, got drafted by the Expos and is now a Major League closer. Meanwhile Lucy van Pelt is a real estate agent in Petaluma, CA and wondering why no one will try to kick her football anymore.

Turkey Red - 2 Goudey - 3

Inning 6: No 113 Randy Johnson vs. No. 39 Felix Hernandez

Man, this one's tough. Big Unit vs. King Felix. Hall of Famer at the end of his career vs. a phenom at the beginning. Felix had a much better year, but Randy has been on The Simpsons.

Turkey Red - 3 Goudey - 3

Inning 7: No 148 Joe Nathan vs. No. 110 Ray Durham

I refuse to acknowledge Ray Durham in anything other than a White Sox uniform. That's not Ray, that's Jose Uribe pulling off the most audacious case of identity theft ever. Speaking of theft. Joe Nathan and Francisco Liriano and Boof Bonser for AJ Pierzynski and cash. That better have been a LOT of cash. I'm talking gross domestic product of Bolivia cash.

Turkey Red - 4 Goudey - 3

Inning 8:
No 28 Alejandro De Aza RC vs. No. 134 Michael Cuddyer

So, Twins fans, was 2007 an off year for Cuddyer, or was 2006 a career year? states his numbers are most similar to Herb Perry. I think that answers my question. De Aza's nothing special, but he did get get an RBI single off Glavine in the Mets' first inning nightmare the last day of the season.

Turkey Red - 5 Goudey - 3

Top of the Ninth: No TRP24 Grover Cleveland

I suppose I could have done worse, Cleveland was actually not that bad of a president compared to some of the other stinkeroos of his era. Unfortunately this card is from his second term which was a dud. A word of advice to all you kids out there with dreams of being the leader of the free world: Never get elected President right before a Depression hits. It's bad for your career. Cleveland would have been better off sticking to just one term, or better yet, he should have cheated more than Harrison. No points for Turkey Red.

Turkey Red - 5 Goudey - 3

Bottom of the Ninth: No 208 Yogi Berra SP

YOGI!!! This isn't fair, the only President who could even pull off a tie with Yogi would be Teddy Roosevelt. I hate to admit it, but if I keep pulling these awesome SPs out of Goudey I'm going to have to try to complete this set. Yogi hits a walk-off three run homer to win it for Goudey.

Final Score: Turkey Red - 5 Goudey - 6

Think I'm out of my mind? Think Turkey Red was robbed by a bad call? Vote!


Grizzly Adam said...

I think the Yogi card beats the entire Turkey Red pack on its own.

Rob said...

After the blaster box I bought last night, I now have selection bias against Goudy. It's annoying enough that they decided to go with parallel sets with different colored ink on the backs. I got a whole box of packs where at least the first red back and first green back were the same card. Sometimes the first two of each were the same. Talk about collation problems. Irritating.

--David said...

Amen, Rob! In the box I bought, I ended up with a pack that had TWO parallels, so it was like getting double doubles... ugh...

dayf said...

Heh, I love Goudey, but the collation is awful. The first blaster I bought had the A-Rod SP card and both David Ortiz Heads Up cards. The second one I bought - from the same store - had the A-Rod SP card and both David Ortiz Heads Up cards.

I've switched to buying individual packs and I'm now having fantastic luck. Last 4 packs I've bought had these SP's:

Babe Ruth Heads Up
Harmon Killebrew Heads Up
Carlton Fisk Heads Up

I'll probably go 0 for ten on the next packs I buy just to counter that good run. I just wish there wasn't 88 short prints, this set is going to be tough.